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Map My eye 2007-11-12 09:13:47 GMT 1


Azkarate and Balerdi Mountain

Azkarate is a little town located in Araitz valley in the east of Navarre, near Gipuzkoa. The Balerdi Mountain is the northest mountain of Malloak in the Mountain Rage of Aralar.

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Map My eye 2007-11-12 08:21:45 GMT 1


Pasai Donibane

Pasai Donibane is one district of Pasaia, the 4 district are located arround de Port of Pasaia in the mouth of the Oiartzun River. From this port Gilbert du Motier -Marquis ... »

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Map My eye 2007-11-10 13:35:31 GMT 1


La Concha beach and Urgull mountain

Urgull mountain in autumn (Green, Yellow, Brown, ...), the Bay od la Concha, la Concha beach, the Hall of Sant Sebastian, El Puerto dsitrict, ...

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Map My eye 2007-11-06 13:15:49 GMT 1


Red peppers hung to dry in Espelette

The Basque Chile Pepper hung to dry in the wall of the houses is the tipical Post Card of Espelette (Ezpeleta in Basque) a small village locate in Labourd (Basque ... »

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Map My eye 2007-11-05 21:50:31 GMT 1


Mountains of Lokiz

Near Ganuza in the midle of Navarre we can see the mountains of Lokiz (Plateau of Lokiz). In the right side Sartzeleta Peak and in the left side Sardegi Peak. The Lokiz ... »

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Map My eye 2007-11-03 21:04:17 GMT 1


Lake of Senpere (Saint Pee sur Nivelle)

In this lake every year celebrates "Herri Urrats" a fetival to support the Basque language in the schools (Ikastolak) of France.

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Map My eye 2007-11-03 19:03:28 GMT 1


Basque cementery in Ainhoa

Tipical Headstones in a tradicional basque cementery, the cristianism changed this headstones for the Christian cross.

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Map My eye 2007-11-03 18:42:38 GMT 1


Railway Station of La Rhune litle train

The Sant Ignace Station is the start point of the Cogwheel train of La Rhune (Video) (Larrun in basque language).

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Map My eye 2007-11-01 19:06:32 GMT 1


Pont del Diable Aqueduct

This roman aqueduct is near Tarragona, Tarraco was the ancient capital of the province of Hispania Tarraconensis.

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Map My eye 2007-11-01 18:48:34 GMT 1


Laguna Negra - Soria (Black Lagoon)

It's located in the Northwest of the Soria province, in the Iberic Mountains, near of the Urbion Peak. It's a glaciar lagoon formed during the glaciation

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Map My eye 2007-11-01 18:26:17 GMT 1


Anboto with Txapela

The Anboto (1331 m.) is the highest mountain of Durangesado mountains in the land of Bizkaia (Basque Country) This Photo is taken from the way from Arrazola to Zabalaundi. In a cavern ... »

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