Frequently Asked Questions

What is NireBlog?

NireBlog is a platform that allows anybody to manage a Blog in an easy way, without worries. It's also multi-user (a Blog can be managed by several people), it can be personalized, and it's very easy to use but with many possibilities at the same time.

How much does it cost creating a Blog with NireBlog?

Nothing, it's totally free. Avdertising can be added in a discreet (non-intrusive) manner.

Can my Blog appearence be changed?

Yes, there are some default templates but also it's easy to change the design of your Blog, Colours, Layout, Font size, Background Images, ... besides, the styles are WordPress Classic compatible.

Can I add advertising to my Blog?

Yes, NireBlog has the option of adding advertising on differents sides of your Blog, all you can earn with advertising will be for you.

I already have a Blog. Can I import it to NireBlog?

Currently it's possible to import all the Posts and Comments from a Blogger/Blogspot Blog, using the administration menu of your Blog. I your Blog is hosted in other platform you can email us indicating the address of your Blog and we'll see if it's possible.

We also offer you the possibility to export your NireBlog Blog (Posts and Comments) to other platform, downloading a file with all your Blog content, this also can is useful as a Backup.

What do I need to get NireBlog in my language?

It's only needed a person to translate the site and give support (reply questions, solve doubts) to the users for that language, if you want to collaborate, you only have to be fluent in Spanish and the language to translate, and experience on blogging.

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